Battery replacement in your Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander is a breeze and can be completed with just a few common household tools. Please watch the service video listed below and contact us if you have any questions with the process.


The manufacturer recommend batteries are listed below with the chairs they correspond to. Batteries can be purchased from your nearest Batteries Plus location. To find your nearest Batteries Plus store, please visit the following link:

Battery Part Numbers

Chairs Built Prior to May 2018:
Duracell – DURA12-100C/FR

Chairs Built After May 2018:
Duracall Ultra Deep Cycle Battery – DURDC12-100P

Click on the Batteries Plus logo below to find the Batteries Plus Dealer nearest to you.

Standard Battery Self-Replacement Video

NT/NR Battery Self-Replacement Video

Having issues with the battery replacement process? Give us a call at 888-991-3273 or fill our the form on the contact us page and one of our service reps will be in touch with you shortly.